Monday, June 21, 2010

Hotels Near BCBF

Byron has no hotels, motels or bed and breakfasts directly in or near the city limits.  There is a small motel outside Byron called the  Blackhawks Trails Lodge (815-234-5544) but it was full over a month and a half ago.  Oregon IL is 10 miles to the south and has the Paddle Wheel Inn (815-732-4540) but all the regular priced rooms have been sold out for over a month; they did have suites and higher priced rooms when we checked.  If you Google or Bing search you will see hotels on 11th Street in Rockford being about 11-12 miles away.  It is close but sometimes I worry about the area and clientele.  A little futher away you will find virtually every hotel chain at the State Street Exit off I90 in Rockford.  There are about 20 hotels, maybe more, there.  Oregon IL has several nice bed and breakfasts.  Rocheller IL has many chain hotels near the IL38 exit off Interstate 39.  Contact Steve Jones at with questions.  Camping is available at Lake Louise in Byron and in Oregon IL's state parks.

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