Thursday, August 12, 2010

Our Band Bios- The Resistors

The Resistors is a blues-based band located in northern Illinois. Although the name came about by chance, it seems to fit guys who resist taking ANYTHING too seriously. Asked, what kind od music they play, Keith says "We ain't country and we ain't rock." Which, to them, is a combination of all the influences they bring to the band: rock, blues, folk, and country. Our weaknesses are really our strengths: in an attempt to sound like other bands, we found out we didn’t, and we discovered OURSELVES. No matter what song we play, we put our own mark on it and it becomes a Resistors song.” The Resistors like cars, bikes, guitars, caffeine, and playing together. You’ll find the Resistors parked in one of Keith’s street rods at the corner of Jimmy Reed and Johnny Burnette. What’s this mean? Well, they resist definition.

Band members:
Reverend Phillip Paul, drums and vocals. The veteran of many touring bands as well as manager, sound, and lighting for Rif Raf, a national touring band. Phil is part of the Resistors powerhouse rhythm section.
Keith Benson bass, vocals, brings added thrust to the Resisters sound. Keith has been a member of several bands, including Exposed, and "a few country and rock bands."
David "The Truth" Stine, lead and rhythm guitar, and vocals has been in The Flamingos, The Shades, The Bone Crushers, Port Blues, Civilian Vibe, and Ernie and the Po’ Boys.
New member Dan Peart is an Iowan and multi-instrumentalist. He has released a solo CD entitled Truth Be Told, and he brings strong vocals, guitar, harmonica and keyboards to The Resistors.

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