Thursday, August 12, 2010

Our Band Bios- Dave Weld and the Imperial Flames

Born in Chicago in 1952, Dave was first influenced as a child when he found an old Victrola in the basement and wore out the blues 78's. In high school the Stones, Clapton and Mayall first came out but Dave traded those records for Howlin' Wolf, Lightnin Hopkins, and BB King.

After high school Weld moved to New Mexico, and studied guitar under Kurt Black, a jazz player who worked with Benny Carter, Grant Green and others in the New York jazz scene. Also he drove to Nevada and met and jammed with Gatemouth Brown.

Weld bought Hound Dog Taylor's first Alligator album, heard Howlin Wolf over the radio in the desert one night, packed up and drove back home in his 67' Ford, and made it with $10 to spare.

Dave found out the West side of Chicago in the black hood was friendlier than the North side, and started sitting in at clubs, and landed a gig with Hound Dog Taylor's band, Brewer Phillips,

Weld then moved to the 1815 Club on W. Roosevelt, owned and operated by Eddie Shaw who had Howlin Wolfs band, the Wolf Pack. Dave stayed there and played in the band with Chico Chism, Lafayette Gilbert, Hubert Sumlin, Detroit Junior, and Eddie Shaw. The going rate was $15 per night, but Dave played there with Otis Rush, Maxwell St. Jimmy, Guitar Junior, Jew Town Burks, Doug Macdonald, Boston Blackie, Tail Dragger, Little Wolf, Big Bad Ben, Little Aurthur, Johnny Littlejohn and more. The gig ended when the band was taken to the Maxwell St. lockup because of the nude dancers. Shaw bailed them out.

During this time Weld was under tutelage from JB Hutto, a Grammy awarded Blues Hall of Fame slide man from Georgia. He studied at JB's house for three years until JB introduced Dave to his nephews, Little Ed and James Young. They started the band "Little Ed and the Blues Imperials" and played every joint in the West side for ten years. About $15 a night, until Bruce Igauer from Alligator recorded them in a historic session "Roughousin'" and they started world tours.

Dave started "Dave Weld and the Imperial Flames" in 1988 with Little Ed's Blessing and they came out with their first CD "Roughrockin' in Chicago", on Parsifal Records in Belgium, and Dave toured Europe, Canada and Japan with his own band.

Little Ed joined Dave's band twice for two years each time and the second time they recorded for Earwig Music, "Keep on Walkin'", and this brought them overseas again, as well as local, regional, and national gigs. When Ed went back to his band he was replaced by the great Abb Locke, legndary sax man who is in the band today with Jeff Taylor and Herman Applewhite. They continue working every week since the band was formed in 1988, and Dave made his first UK tour in 2005, with the second to closing slot at the Maryport Blues Festival, going full circle by opening up for Hubert Sumlin and the Legendary Blues Band!

The new CD...

Created over a period of ten years, ending with the signing by Delmark, Chicago's legendary 57 year old blues label, with the help of Dave Weld and the Imperial Flames, chicago's finest blues legends, Abb Locke, Jeff Taylor, Bernard Reed, Monica Myhre, Dave Kaye, Herman Applewhite, Lil Ed Williams, Harry Yaseen!!! Inspired by real life, a lifetime of gigs with artists such as muddy waters, howlin wolf, elmore james, willie mabon, albert collins, percy mayfield, the rolling stones, earl hooker, jb hutto, little ed and the blues imperials, koko taylor, eddy clearwater, ac reed, art hodes, bb king, dave hole, jackie wilson, ramsey lewis. these are just some of the legends that these band members have worked with over the course of a lifetime in music! They tell the stories of their lives here with a party flavor that took ten years in the making.

If you ever had a sick mother, if you ever just wanted to boogie and get down, if you ever wanted to just leave town, if you ever had a true love with beautiful eyes, if she ever wanted to talk a little dirty, if you ever got fired, if your girl ever lied to you, if you ever wished you listened back to mama, if you ever wanted peace of mind, if you ever had your wife threaten to cut off your thing, if you ever stood up and said," she's mine", then this is the cd for you!!!!

Do you like the best rockin, guitar, do you like the best rockin piano, do you like the best soulful vocals, black, white and female, do you like bar room sax blowin, do you like pounding bass and drums bheind original and clever lyrics, that took ten years of hard living to make?

Do you like a record label, that has been on top for 57 years, with the same owner, bob koester, and a dream come true producer, steve wagner, from a tough as nails competition town like chicago? do you like artwork with photos from the top jazz and blues photographer in chicago, marc pokempner, who also works for time magazine?

Ths is definately the cd for you, for your party, for your family, for your friends, for your girl, for your guy, for your boss, for your workers, for your fun, for your time off, for your time on, for vacation, for work, for tax time, for relax time, for life!!

Jum on the band wagon for the rollin jam, down home low down uptempo, minor key major fun, down home, uptown, hang around get down gooood time, fun cd!! check it out, check yourself out, and at the check out, check out the low price!!!

We love you guys!!

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